Dataset and Baseline for an Industrial Robot Identification Benchmark

  • We present an identification benchmark data set for a full robot movement with an KUKA KR300 R2500 ultra SE industrial robot. It is a robot with a nominal payload capacity of 300 kg, a weight of 1120 kg and a reach of 2500mm. It exhibits 12 states accounting for position and velocity for each of the 6 joints. The robot encounters backlash in all joints, pose-dependent inertia, pose-dependent gravitational loads, pose-dependent hydraulic forces, pose- and velocity dependent centripetal and Coriolis forces as well as a nonlinear friction, which is temperature dependent and therefore potentially time varying. We supply the prepared dataset for black-box identification of the forward or the inverse robot dynamics. Additional to the data for black-box modelling, we supply high-frequency raw data and videos of each experiment. A baseline and figures of merit are defined to make results compareable across different identification methods.

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Author:Jonas WeigandORCiD, Julian GötzORCiD, Jonas UlmenORCiD, Martin RuskowskiORCiD
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Publication Date:2022/02/02
Year of Publication:2022
Publishing Institute:Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
Date of the Publication (Server):2022/02/04
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Tag:Benchmark; Black-Box; Dataset; Dynamics; Industrial Robotics; Neural Networks; Nonlinear Identification; Robots; System Identification
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