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Important informations:

  • Use PDF for text documents. More information about acceptes file-formats.
  • The files must not be protected by DRM. Documents with restrictions like password protection may not be published on KLUEDO.
  • The metadata from PDF files (title, author, subject and keywords) must be filled in correctly or be empty. Search engines may use this information in the search results. Since various word processing programs automatically set the file name as the title, this could cause not meaningful entries in search result lists.
  • The system only accepts files up to 250MB. If you want to publish larger files, do not upload files and perform the publication process. Send the files on CD/DVD/Blu-ray-Disc to Tauschstelle of University Library. Your documents are then added later to your entry in KLUEDO.
  • File names can be up to 90 characters long.
  • Privacy Note: The files published here - after being validated by the university library - are available Worldwide and going to be archived at the German National Library. It is therefore strongly recommended that you only upload files that do not contain personal data (eg date of birth, etc.) and that you limit the vita in your dissertation on the scientific career. Further advice can be found in the FAQ.
  • Note in relation to published documents: Published files can not be changed, deleted or renamed. Please use meaningful filenames, because usually they are left unchanged.
  • Please upload dissertations betimes to ensure processing within the prescribed time limits. If no further queries are necessary, the processing time usually takes not longer than two business days.
  • Research data: If you would like to publish associated research data in addition to your publication, you are welcome to contact Mrs. Niederprüm.
  • Further information can be found in the FAQ.

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