Thermal Management Concept for the Exhaust Aftertreatment of Commercial Vehicle Diesel Engines Using Variable Mixtures of Diesel Fuel and Rapeseed Oil

  • The use of vegetable oil as a fuel for agricultural and forestry vehicles allows a CO2 reduction of up to 60 %. On the other hand, the availability of vegetable oil is limited, and price competitiveness depends heavily on the respective oil price. In order to reduce the dependence on the availability of specific fuels, the joint research project “MuSt5-Trak” (Multi-Fuel EU Stage 5 Tractor) aims at developing a prototype tractor capable of running on arbitrary mixtures of diesel and rapeseed oil. Depending on the fuel mixture used, the engine parameters need to be adapted to the respective operating conditions. For this purpose, it is necessary to detect the composition of the fuel mixture and the fuel quality. Regardless of the available fuel mixture, all functions for regular engine operation must be maintained. A conventional active regeneration of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) cannot be carried out because rapeseed oil has a flash point of 230°C, compared to 80°C for diesel fuel. This leads to a condensation of rapeseed oil while using post-injection at low and medium part load operating points, which causes a dilution of the engine oil. In this work, engine-internal measures for achieving DPF regeneration with rapeseed oil and mixtures of diesel fuel and rapeseed oil are investigated. In order to provide stationary operating conditions in real engine operation, a “high-idle” operating point is chosen. The fuel mixtures are examined with regard to compatibility concerning a reduction of the air-fuel ratio, late combustion phasing and multiple injections. The highest temperatures are expected from a combination of these control options. After the completion of a regeneration cycle, the fuel input into the engine oil is controlled. These investigations will serve as a basis for the subsequent development of more complex regeneration strategies for close-to-reality engine operating cycles with varying load conditions.
Author:Matthias Thees, Michael Guenthner, Florian Mueller
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Date of Publication (online):2021/04/06
Year of first Publication:2021
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Tag:Biofuel; Thermal Management of Exhaust Aftertreatment; Vegetable Oil
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