Regularized approximation methods with perturbations for ill-posed operator equations

  • We are concerned with a parameter choice strategy for the Tikhonov regularization \((\tilde{A}+\alpha I)\tilde{x}\) = T* \(\tilde{y}\)+ w where \(\tilde{A}\) is a (not necessarily selfadjoint) approximation of T*T and T*\(\tilde y\)+ w is a perturbed form of the (not exactly computed) term T*y. We give conditions for convergence and optimal convergence rates.
Author:M. Thamban Nair, Eberhard Schock
Serie (Series number):Preprints (rote Reihe) des Fachbereich Mathematik (231)
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Publication Date:2017/11/10
Year of Publication:1992
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